Innovative Fabricators, Inc.   
  Powder Coat Color Samples & Descriptions

Black Wrinkle Penny Vein
  Our most popular finish. Flat in appearance, with a high quality texture. A durable and timeless look. Indoor use recommended.     A popular choice with our bar stools. Semi-glossy in appearance.  Finish features a penny colored brown, with black speckle accents. A similar finish to our copper vein, but a bit darker in color. Very durable, and best suited for indoor use.   
Copper Vein Silver Vein
  Semi-glossy in appearance. Similar to our penny vein finish, but a bit lighter in color. Coat is a copper colored brown, with black speckle accents. Very durable, best suited for indoor use.   Our silver vein powder coat is a similar style finish to our penny vein and copper vein. It has a textured feel, and a semi-glossy appearance. Very durable, and best suited for indoor use. The silver finish combined with the black undertones give it a charcoal look.  
Rust Other Colors & Paints
  The rust color powder coat is flat in appearance, with a smooth texture. Best suited for indoor use. This finish features several different levels of brown, which help it blend well with surrounding decor.   Many other powder coats and liquid paints are available, but are subject to availability and minimum order requirements. Please contact us with questions regarding custom colors. Several samples are shown below.